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Real Estate

Real estate deals are a balance between risk and reward. A knowledgeable, experienced real estate attorney can advise you through the complex residential transactions to maximize your potential for a positive outcome while minimizing risks.


Timothy Remick is an experienced real estate and contract attorney practicing real estate and business law, including transactions, dispute resolution and litigation.


In commercial real estate, the stakes are very high. After all, you are buying or selling a property that is central to the profits and value of your enterprise. A dispute or lawsuit can derail your operations or expose your investment to unforeseen problems and risks.


Since Mr. Remick also handles business law, he analyzes commercial real estate contracts and agreements to make sure they contain language that safeguards your interests should problems arise.


Construction Defects


Common construction defect cases typically involve shifting or expansive soils, framing issues, problems with a building's foundation or framing, and more. Whether you are concerned about a defect in a single-family dwelling, or a commercial building, our skilled real estate attorney can assist you assessing a construction defect claim, and in resolving that claim, either through negotiation or litigation.


Trustee's Sales / Foreclosures


When a property is in foreclosure, the lender typically hires a party, like a law firm, to act as a trustee to protect its interests. The trustee will try to sell the property to recover the losses resulting from a defaulted mortgage. Mr. Remick regularly acts as a trustee under deeds of trust in conducting non-judicial foreclosures.  He also represents lenders in judicial foreclosures when appropriate under the circumstances.  


Landlord / Tenant Law


Landlord/tenant disputes arise when one party violates the terms of a commercial or residential lease. If the parties are unable to resolve the dispute, they should seek the help of an experienced real estate attorney to guide them through the eviction process. While the prospect of evicting someone may seem cold, there are times when it proves necessary. An experienced eviction attorney is often necessary to keep a landlord from making  costly mistakes that could result in dismissal of their case or damages being due to a tenant.  Likewise, landlords who do not uphold their responsibilities under the Arizona law can force tenants to seek recourse. Whether you are a commercial or residential landlord or a commercial tenant, Mr. Remick can assist you in resolving your landlord/tenant matter.


Contracts for Sale


Contracts involving real estate often involve a family's largest investment, or a substantial business asset. When a party breaches a real estate contract, the stakes are often high, and can leave the other party in a serious bind. It is important that such contracts are carefully prepared by a skilled real estate attorney, to help prepare for these situations. Mr. Remick has extensive experience in both drafting and litigating commercial and residential real estate contracts of all kinds.



A properly drafted lease can help an Arizona landlord or tenant avoid many common pitfalls associated with renting property. Even when the parties to a rental agreement enter into it with good intentions, situations may arise that neither party foresaw. A comprehensive rental agreement can help plan around such unforeseen circumstances, and clearly define the rights and obligations of both landlord and tenant. Mr. Remick has a great deal of experience both drafting and litigating commercial and residential lease agreements, and can prepare a lease to suit your specific needs.



To set up an appointment with Mr. Remick, please call our office at 928-239-1780.



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